Thursday, July 21, 2005

Zinefest Report

A lot to get to . . . will start with the Zinefest.

Yes, it was not nearly as crowded as last year, but as always it was great to meet fellow underground print folks, like Joe Smith of Red Roach Press and many others. I sold out of both issues of Literary Fan Magazine-- a stack of each (they go for a buck apiece, so it wasn't difficult), but sold other zines as well. (Selling always picks up right at the very end, when those who've been browsing all afternooon, circulating and circling, make their decisions.) The one thing I feel bad about was letting Pat King get my last issue of Zeen Beat #3, remembering later I'd promised it to Doug Finch. (I'll make up some more when I get around to it-- the master copy is in storage.)

Jack Saunders sold several copies of his book, and more important, had a lot of great conversations with people. Jack is valued not just for the humble great guy that he is, but also because he's a living symbol of the untiring dedication of the literary underground.

By the way, I found out at this year's Zinefest that I'm featured briefly in a documentary made of last year's event. Go to, click on one of the icons on the left (third one down, I think), then watch for the guy with the moustache.


Patrick @ LitVision said...

Notes to the above:

1) This week and next i'm putting photos from the ULA Medusa show & Philly weekend on the ULA site. Rumour has it that an intrepid paparazzo snuck a camera into Zinefest and took a shot of Karl in his flapping bird hat. Watch for that photo to come up in a few days.

2) Anyone who participated in any way in the Medusa Show, the Ludwig's meeting, or the Zinefest, is encouraged to do a brief write-up and send it to me ASAP. We want to get a Monday Report up w/ different perspectives on the show, and also get a historical record from people who were there.

Email to:

ULA said...

Pat King sez:

Finished reading that copy of Zeen Beat. If JD would send me his address via e-mail, I'll get it out to him.

King said...

Pat Simonelli was of course the prime mover this year not just behind the ULA's participation in Zinefest, but the Medusa reading itself.
Re the promo video I refer to: I like the intro which mentions "Freaks . . . Misfits . . . Revolutionaries." This reflects the zine milieu from which the ULA emerged.
It's always great for the ULA to occasionally get back to its roots.

JDF said...
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chapman said...

By the way, the jury found, after a short deliberation, that Lewis Lapham and Vanity Fair had lied and libelled Roman Polansky.

King said...

Lapham, Vanity Fair-- relics of the establishment literary past.

King said...

p.s. Btw, I wonder what the hordes of demi-puppet lit-bloggers, who castigated me for bringing up examples of Harper's plagiarism, have to say now? Oops! There I go again, "attacking" someone. Let's not offend any of these folks! They might have mysterious power. After all, they wannabe connected to the literary establishment, you know.
The point to realize is that the ULA's most outspoken opponents are ethically and aesthetically bankrupt. Give them enough time, and they'll prove it for us. (Isn't that right, Maud, Nathalie, Radish, Any comments about Harper's now?)