Sunday, July 24, 2005

Excitement of the ULA

A poster to this blog promised that the ULA will never be mentioned in Vanity Fair magazine. Oh really? It's comforting to know this, as such coverage might destroy our credibility, or signal that our currency is over. I'm afraid, however, that as the ULA grows in noise and strength, such establishment glossy magazines will have to cover us or lose all relevance. One can't stop the flow of history. They'll be soon enough running to catch up with us. (I'm sure more agile mags will get there first.)

Last week we proved that we're the most exciting thing on the lit scene today. We're going nowhere but up.

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Jeff Potter said...

What cool write-ups over at the LitRev site!

Congrats, everyone, on a great series of events!

I really liked the range of reports that Pat put up, ranging from members to allies to those considering us to outsiders. The range of talents and projects under way is also impressive and interesting. The only missing was Wred and his wrocking guitar.

I'm still slugging it out on the homefront, getting ready for the Catazeen Express! (Final cover proof today.)

the MP said...

JP: you know we're all rooting for you like the Scarlet Pimpernell paraphrased sez: "here, there, and every where"! Deep Eco Elf Is Worth It's Wait In Gold! And you also know you were with the Big Lit Show on the 16th in spirit, which matters a hell of a lot damn it!
Just wanted to mention a little tidbit of knowledge Jack mentioned in his excellent discussion on self publishing outside the Rotunda at the zine fest Sunday afternoon, July 17th.
I wanted to include it in my homily of the event the ULA has up on the current, "Monday Report", but it slipped my mind.
Namely: "When Sinclair Lewis couldn't get a big publisher to do, "The Jungle" the Meat Packers Union in Chicago did".
In lieu of yesterday's schism in the ALF/CIO mostly brought about by the Teamsters I find this a significance laden comment on the part of Big Jack. Why? Free association see. And Hoffa main reason has to do with growing union membership to have the power to stand up to the politicos.
Also brought to mind the history behind some of the later French surrealist poets going into the mid 20th Century Fr. factories and workhouses reading their stuff to thousands of workers. Cf. KRexroth's cool translations of say Aragon and Eluard on a site I highly recommend to all ULA populits:
where this cat that runs it is been we publishing a lot more of Rexroth's criticism and poetry and translations lately.
A sign? If so not one but one of many and not one the ULA is unfamilar with for sure. Undergroundswell! Suffice to say the Modernist Movement is back with a vengence. News of its death was greatly exaggerated. The Spirit of the ULA is evidence of it.


chilly charlie said...

Tim Hall is stalking you.

Write to Dean Haspiel ( and express your feelings.

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