Sunday, July 31, 2005

Withdrawal Symptoms

The louder our opponents scream against us, the closer they are to freeing their minds from lit-establishment brainwashing.

I've said that to change things, we have to turn the lit-world on its head. Right is left, and up is down-- this is how we appear to our opponents. They need to reorient themselves.

What's happened is that the present System of literature in all its forms-- MFA programs, agencies, conglomerates; pervasive snobbery-- has taken writers on an expensive journey down a long and narrow corridor within an old decaying house. The writer has been left in a darkened room, the door shut behind him: a closet. We've opened the closet door, and are saying, "Come out!"

(Can art be quantified and put into a box? I plan to discuss the differences between natural writers and the institutionally overtrained kind-- so stay tuned!)


the MP said...

Dear KK:
This last proposition you make here is great news. Not that you haven't been considering it in your bag of chess moves prior to this here public declaration of it-- I realize the element of timimg is something that you excell in.
Basically I assume we've noticed that for all their vim and vinegar the attack- mouses have not ventured to include a single scrap of writing in their boondogle
to support what represents the "better" front (or in their case, "affront") of current literature. That speaks volumes in and of itself, so your latest "turning of the screws" should smoke the varmits preety good. And of course I am at your service once more into the breach!

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