Monday, July 11, 2005

King Wenclas Versus ULAers

I say, "ULAers," instead of "ULA," because my commitment to the Underground Literary Alliance and the ULA name is and has always been total. My fault is in asking for similar dedication from others.

There's always been, and likely always will be, a tension between myself and my ideas, and others in the organization (and some out of it), who don't trust my counter-intuitive methods. Even in the ULA's first six months, I was constantly told that my plans and ideas were wrong. They in fact turned out to be very successful.

The ULA made great headway our first six months-- and occasionally since-- when I've been able to impose my ideas on the team. When I've stepped back, the organization has floundered. Many continue to doubt that I know what I'm doing.

I'm here to promote underground writers, publishers, and others. I receive no compensation for my efforts. I ask only that those I work with follow my suggestions and ideas. Otherwise, there's no point in my doing anything. There are 35 ULAers and many times that in number of sympathizers, each and every one who seem to bombard me with their own failed ways of doing things. Such barking from so many individuals detracts from my focus, which needs to be total for the ULA campaign to work.

Someone recently asked about ULA titles-- whether they're for real or not. Some have turned out to be just for show. I actually think, however, that I'm directing ULA Publicity, basing my actions on what's worked in the past. If the group wants someone else in that role, they can let me know. I can always find other things to do with my time and energy!

(All I know is that the Medusa event will be awesome-- even if I have to step down from my role as emcee and read something myself. Then-- look out. I can be very good when I want to be, though I'd just as soon others do it.)


Anonymous said...

"I ask only that those I work with follow my suggestions and ideas. Otherwise, there's no point in my doing anything."

"... each and every one who seem to bombard me with their own failed ways of doing things. Such barking from so many individuals detracts from my focus, which needs to be total for the ULA campaign to work."

At last we get the truth: the ULA exists solely for Karl to give orders to others. No ideas welcome, no input necessary, you're all idiots anyway. Just shut up and do as you're told.

Glad you finally cleared that up.

Anonymous said...

Um, well, wow, that seems like a momentary breakdown that contradicted a WHOLE LOT of bullsh*t and propaganda that the ULA has been putting out about it being a democracy, all working together, no one in control etc.

That was an ugly little post from a stunted failed dictator.

the MP said...

All I know is I'm sharpening my pointer to skewer the "Student" right now and any body else who gets in the line of sight between me and the bartender at the Medusa.
Of course I could between now and the action packed weekend get my point across alternatively by roasting a faceless Ahnutsomouth, eh marshmallow?
I understand perhaps sentimentally but nonetheless understand King's drift here-- and not just because he and I may share an appreciation for the nasty attitude strategically placed for maximum effect (his is feigned in order to tow the line and keep the dogs at bay while my own brand of vented spleen is as genuine and form fitting as my mask-- the man is good at what he does and has the track record to prove it, and given the conditions of this stinking backwater I imagine he's simply spread a bit thin with the awesome show and zine fest particulars and promotion and is a tad piqued.
Remember my anonymous bubble head that since you will have three opportunities to imbibe the racy wisdom of Jack Saunders and the ULA minion (which includes by way of the subcontact my own boggling person) , namely at the Tiberino Museum off of Lancaster Ave. this Friday nite, the Mudesa Spectacle on Saturday, and the Zine Fest at the Rotunda thru the weekend, if you don't show your ass at any of them then you are the truly the coward that your namelessness

This Message Of The MP Is Endorsed By USASM Savings Bombs

Jeff Potter said...

Anyone can contribute, but there is indeed a method, and it's a tough, street-savvy one. And it's not scattershot!

Anyone who has hammered out their own winning strategy is welcome to lead in various sectors of the ULA---but I'd say that the PR Plan for this weekend's Rilly Big Show is in good hands.

Focus, people! Get behind the Flying Wedge if you want to make an impact. It's worked before, it'll work again!

Grab them flyers and start postering Gotham!

Ask King what you can do, then DO IT three times as big! Add other this'n'thats if you like but remember the FOCUS this weekend!

King said...

As I've often said to ULAers, the only influence and control I exert over the team is the control I have over my own work. I've been pulling this sled, with help from various others, steadily for five years. The question, Mr. Anonymous, is whether I'M to be merely others' puppet. The answer is no.
The ULA is indeed democratic in spirit, cooperative in attitude, in which everyone is free to express his or her own voice. Should I be excluded?
The team is free to vote me out of my role TODAY if they want. They can do it this very minute. Hardly a dictatorship.

Jeff Potter said...

Some people are apparently totally unfamiliar with the concepts of work, buttkicking, focus or cooperation.

I know I've made my share of suggestions to other folks, but that's all they are. I also try to keep what I'm doing put out front for feedback and cooperation in turn.

I'm not sure why some folks are unclear on the concept. I'm thinking it mostly comes from the writer side, as opposed to those few zeensters who are experienced with hard-core true-indy hustling. But really it can come from anywhere. We're a big-ego bunch, obviously, and egos tend to feel free to try to reach out and grab the whole world. We're indy project people who are trying to work together but who inevitably bump into each other a lot along the way. Whoever can take it does best.

These maroons think it's King who's trying to grab the world. No, he's trying to WIN the world and BEAT it and WORK it. If you just grab, you get thin air unless you have a focused plan.

It's like the anonymice who post here---they have ZERO plans, they make grabs at noise for no reason, thus there's no reason for them to sign their work. They never say what writers they do like, never say what plan is working better than ours.

I myself have had a few ULAers email with expectations of what I need to be doing for them. I laugh out loud. These are often exULAers in short order, or those we don't hear from much.

We all need to be out there pushing our own and group projects with vigor and keeping each other posted and working along the same lines wherever possible, especially as big events arise. Any time we can double up on anything it definitely goes more than twice as far.

King said...

There are more expectations laid on me, Jeff. They want it both ways. I'm a dictator, for expressing my ideas, yet at the same time they cry that I haven't paid enough attention to them! Make up your friggin mind.
Either they want me to promote them and their projects, or they don't. If they want my involvement, then I'm going to express my ideas. If not, they can do it themselves. It makes no difference to me.