Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Summer of the ULA


They're coming from California, from Vermont, from Alabama, from Ohio, from Florida-- great underground lit performers to read at Philly's Medusa, to be joined by some of the best spoken word artists in Philadelphia.

It's happening July 16th, 5 p.m. until whenever in celebration of Philly Zinefest the next day and in honor of folk-lit legend Jack Saunders and his new publication, Bukowski Never Did This.


Jack will present with great humor unprocessed words imbued with jazz, blues, satire, reflections on art and culture and on his life-long struggle to maintain his integrity as a writer. He'll be joined by the best performers of the UNDERGROUND LITERARY ALLIANCE, who have ALWAYS been shocking, whether crashing elite readings in Manhattan or staging their own shows in cities like Detroit-- their protests and appearances covered by hosts of publications. Now they're appearing in Philly with Jack Saunders and their greatest line-up ever, the vanguard of an authentic underground lit movement.


THIS WILL BE A HISTORIC EVENT ranking with San Fran's 1955 Six Gallery reading-- except the focal point of underground literary culture has moved to Philadelphia. Get ready for an invasion not of overpackaged manufactured conglomerate posturing, but of original cultural excitement.


ULA said...

Pat King sez:

Karl wanted me to leave a little update on this blog before I leave for Philly on Thursday, so I'll take that opportunity now.

I've often been a quiet member of the group and I'm sure that when Karl tosses my name out here and there, most folks say "who the hell is that?"

If you're at the zinefest, you can check out my zine, Cathedral, which features Karl Koweski, Emerson Dameron and Wild Bill Blackolive as well as myself. I'll also be bringing fellow Alabamian Karl Koweski's newest poetry chapbooks, if anyone is interested.

There'll be another issue of Cathedral out sometime this year and I'm hoping to organize some of Birmingham, Alabama's best writers for another Literary Circus reading to celebrate the debut of issue #3 but for now all of my free time and energy will be going into the ULA documentary that I'm working on.

I'll be recording everything I can of the events that take place this weekend and assemble it into an hour long video. I'm more than $3,000 dollars in debt for the equiptment but I know the end result will be worth it.

With the unique writers, performers and artists in the ULA I'll have ample material to make a great movie. Documentaries are hard to make; they take a lot of time and patience and craft to pull off. It's not just pointing a camera at something and letting the events unfold, telling the story for you.

But last semester I took the hardest, best, film course at the University here in Birmingham. We made a short documentary that was screened at the local IMAX. Some people had a very difficult time putting their films together. My partner and I didn't.

I hope that I didn't come off as bragging, but I want to assure everyone, Karl Wenclas included, that I know what I'm doing. That I'm not just some gimp with a video camera who bought some video equiptment and thinks that they can now make a movie.

I haven't contributed to the ULA in a while and I hope that this film will prove that I'm still here, still rooting for the ULA and still passionate about underground literature.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the event. And don't worry, that piece of paper I'll be pointing at you is just a release form.

--Pat King

Jeff Potter said...

Hey, Pat, it's not bragging if you did it. You're right to be proud. 99% of filmmakers just talk.

And you're definitely known in the ULA---you've done more work than most other members, both directly for the cause (ULA lit blogster) and indirectly via your own allied zeen.

The ULA leads! Whoever is good enough, let 'em catch a ride on it and have their work add up to something for a change! The whiner AnonyMouse of the previous thread brought out the old joke again---yeah, go do your indy work and let it "bubble up." Ho ho ho! The ULA is out in the trenches, selling hard and promoting hard and playing the only real game in town: hardball!

Regarding alliances of the ULA with other outfits: they're fine, but let's not forget which name has the drawing power! Ride the whirlwind, if ya can---and if you dare to, you better be putting as much coal to it as you dare take from it!

I run the OYB Press, for example. But to launch revolutionary fiction I'm going strictly with the ULA! OYB already has accounts with hundreds of shops nationwide, but to bust into the lit shelves only the *ULA* will do!

Actually, anyone involved will find that revolutionary publishing is coasting-proof. If anyone tries to just catch a ride without pitching in, they'll find their butt bouncing and burning along some fast-moving pavement. But if you're out there kicking butt already and you join the Flying Wedge of the ULA your work will finally hit home.

the MP said...

Pat King:
To fully disclose follow up to our email exchange a few days ago, Professor Malerkus Squidling, front man for the Arts Carnivolution and most important artist/ provocateur Joe Tiberino have enthusiastically cleared all videoing by you if you so desire it of the public shindig at the Ellen Tiberino Memorial Museum, 3819 Hamilton St. in the Peoples Republic Of West Philly starting Friday the 15th at 8:oo Pm and running to the wee hours where if he and they so desire to perform and hang out, Jack Saunders and the ULA gang, are welcome. The Masked Perfesser will course already be there probably propped up against the wet bar, since I understand he's been seen as of late crashing on a garden- bench near some hedges in the courtyard of the Museum.
However, could you guys please give me some idea who does want to particpate (must be ULA members is all) so I can get a running guest list started as every one else has to pay a $5.oo cover charge and this event has packed out the previous happenings.
I'll email you with my local phone number asap.
Otherwise thinking positive, doing positive, taliking strange (besides chain smoking)at least unti Monday morning.

Safe Journey and may the devas protect you!

Entitled? Those who suffered
and gained and gained are gone
turning away how do you know
your righteousness isn’t rooted in greed
I don’t deserve a damn thing
but most of all to be preyed upon.
There are spacers, braces, and hangers
that taken together support the overall
woodwork of these old Victorians
a few blocks above the Avenue
being here for a number of centuries
the side streets line up the rising and setting
sun no matter what quarter of the year, still
even though there are no longer Yankee

Clippers along the banks of the river
and though the great craftsmen and skilled
laborers escaped from the Irish Sea,
or the Mediterranean, or the South’s hypocrisy
are all dead and buried under the ramps,
a young comrade, a genuine anarchist,
who is routing for change in the fallen arches
asks seeing how his rags carry the indignities
of my own and hopes surface in the indifferent
cold whether we will both and countless others
live to see this country shake off Capitalist
tyranny and children empowered to raise
an extended family no I say but the end for sure
and chaos and despair in higher places.


MDG said...

Good to see FDW is doing positive. This is good to know. As far as Philly being the new center for underground literature. I just don't know. I just don't know. I was talking to my girlfriend the other night how I have not done a reading in a while before this. This could possably be my last reading in Philly. The things that I have seen particularly in the recent months are just discouraging. Who would have thought a so called arts scene where everyone is supposed to be working together could be so vile and insincere? As far as I am concerned people can keep their name dropping, networking, blacklists, alienation, trying to suck up the right people, their covert agendas and stick it where ever. This never has, and never will have anything to do with their art. Yes I am in exile. I will come out to do this one reading, but it might just be my finale.
Michael D. Grover

the MP said...

Thanks Mike. I think being up front and fully disclosed (even it would seem on minor points of order and protocol as in this case) go far toward dispelling misinterpetation and potential friction snowballing out of control because of the hidden agendas and covert motives which from your comment you seem to be extremely familar with.
Otherwise it is what you make of it. Keeping in mind that yes I am consistently positive (at the same time I've been here for nearly 30 years and am labeled a heretic) and as a rule the Negative is always part of the Positive, not the other way around. In other words we need to be bigger than all that and be saavy enough to seperate the yoke from the egg white.
This why the ULA presence and action is so important to the city. And if what you're saying is true and expounded from the heart then Gothicka is in fact wide open, as Karl as you yourself know has frequently expressed to us, and suitable for ULA influence and effect as per its mission.
That fact is very positive. However there also needs to be a reckoning in very specific terms as to who is helping and who is hurting and where the front lines are and no mere sour grapes from armchair quarterbacks!


The Yankee clipper
massive three main
sails unfurled could
have been genuine,
rehabilitated, a good
copy, or what perfect
calm projected on the surge
compared to the ugly
utility of say an oil
tanker or a rusty scow
there yet is some magic
left to consider in our
world of contrivances
differences still between
angels and demons.


King said...

I just hope that everyone keeps in mind that the ULA's focus IS the underground writer. Everything else we do-- the noise and hype-- is geared toward that; getting the spotlight on great deserving poets and prosists like yourselves. This can only happen WITH a strong and united foundation, which the ULA has built.
The writing itself remains the highest priority, which is why I insist underground writers be treated with the respect due them. Literature is the highest art form-- the only thing which can save this society.
p.s. Michael Grover is guaranteed to give a great reading Saturday. It sounds like he's ready. I hope everyone else is also!

Anonymous said...

The ULA's focus is your mushmouthed bullying. Good luck scaring the rest of the sane people away from your "movement." And you'd better hope your main attraction isn't a fucking bore.

the MP said...

Hey Y'all:
Regrettably we have been regrettably informed today by the Tiberino clan headman and agent provocateur of the Ellen Tiberino Memorial Museum, Don Joseph Tiberino, that the Carnevoltion to which the members of the ULA and Jack Saunders especially where invited to participate in and attend for their own recreation has, of this afternoon, been CANCELLED due to circumstances beyond Joe's control. The local artists, poets, and Side Show freaks and of course The Hydrogen Jukebox Band wish to extend their feelings of disappointment and to express the best for success at the Big Lit Show and the Zine Fest to all the ULA but especially Big Jack Saunders.
Anywho, this is another pain in the ass, i.e. getting the word out about this turn of events that at least on the bright side since some of you weren't to keen about the whole idea of Friday night any way, especially changing the Philly event listing etc. In lieu of this two other things I personally have been pressed into service to communicate. Just don't kill the messenger:
First the Masked Perfesser is quoted as saying that it's "gonna" thunder storm Friday night and that now he has enough time to sober up to take on the "Student" and any other " snake in the grass" that has designs on his performance preeminence.
And finally Professor Malerkus Squidling the ring leader and front man for the Carnelution wanted to pass this on (tho I advised him against it) to Karl and to whomever else it might apply to that:
"It would be wise and advisable King to first make sure you experience something first yourself before passing judgment on it and spreading that jelly around as such behavior has a habit of biting one in the ass".

Looking Forward To Ludwig's Friday Afternoon


MDG said...

Yeah, so I am an armchair quarterback you say? Or can you be more upfront and say what you mean to say? Stop being so vague all the time. I've done my thing here in this city man. I have done my best to try to change things and you know this. I am not gonna feed into your crap and argue with you on this blog or anywhere else. That my friend is positive. Bring it to the stage on Saturday, this bores me and has nothing to do with the art but is a perfect example of the state of the city. M.D.G.

King said...

I don't recall speaking to anyone from Carnevolution about their now-cancelled event. After some private (or so I thought) discussion about the matter, I gave my blessing to ULA participation. So what's the gripe??

MDG said...

No gripe King. Like I said I'll do talking on the stage and my Poetry will speak for itself.
-The Armchair Quarterback

King said...

I wasn't referring to you, Mike, but to whoever the person is FDW quoted.

MDG said...

You met Eric didn't you?

King said...

p.s. I hope "Anonymous," who I'd guess is short-sighted regarding the ULA campaign, looks at the show line-up and understands what a great event this will be-- one of the great readings.
We CAN be positive, are basically positive. That doesn't mean we stop pointing out the difference between our authenticity-- and the authenticity of like-minded folks (like MDG and others who'll be reading Saturday)-- and the fakery of the mainstream, and the mainstream's flunkies, like Galley Cat and the rest of that crowd who in the larger scheme of things in the history of literature mean NOTHING, NOTHING-- other than the fact that where the fight to renew literature is concerned, they're standing in the way.
We are ALWAYS going to be attacked most by demi-puppets-- by those afraid of upsetting the apple-cart of the NYC status quo; who hold out hope, against all sense, of getting their modest payoff. Misguided fools who can't see their own strings.

the MP said...

Sorry Mike didn't know you would react that way to what is meant as playful banter. I wasn't refering to you specifically as an armchair quarterback.
Besides I really should have been less vague and said "armchair video game quarterback".
Karl like I said in my email yesterday I'm just a middle man (For more special interests than I am aware of myself, it would seem!). Why because I'm compromising myself and self serving? No. It's just that THE HYDROGEN JUKEBOX BAND IS THE ONLY LOCAL VIABLE UNDERGROUND BAND THAT CONSISTENTLY ENCOURAGES AND INTEGRATES READERS TO JAM WITH THEM IN THEIR PUBLIC SHOWS. A good thing in itself. sO fyi Eric is not MALERKUS nor is he JELLY BOY THE CLOWN. You have in fact never met this Malerkus but does seem like he'd like to meet you.

Excited And Focused For The Big Show

Master Poet And ULA Member

We’d speak in tongues
without thinking over-
thrown punts at most forty
fluid ounces in the overblown
mechanized dawn grown
old and oh for once young

before the strike of noon
took down the flag and all
the blasphemous signs
from off the rooftop schools

we’ve won for once and for all
no difference between you
and I who write to you and yours
from my mansion in the iron sky.