Thursday, March 15, 2007

American Samizdat

I'm glad I'm an undergrounder.

Being underground means not having to kowtow to self-appointed defenders of the current corrupt literary system, monitors of etiquette and manners. Being underground means standing in an adversarial relationship to the power structure of the art. It means never groveling. It means never accommodating in the interest of short-term gain, but, instead, fearlessly unflinchingly relentlessly speaking the truth. Compromise my integrity and my beliefs? For what? Pats on the head? Not this dog.

What's the worst that can happen to me? That I go back to being a full-time zeenster; cranking out low-rent samizdat. It's how I began. Dissent is an honest stance for any writer. The only honest stance, in my book, for those who want their art to be honest and to thrive. If dissent isn't tolerated by the literati-- that's their problem. It's a mark of THEIR weakness, THEIR obsolescence, THEIR rotting house of cards awaiting collapse.

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