Sunday, March 11, 2007

The ULA Word

It's amazing how the simple mention of the ULA word-- "the Underground Literary Alliance"-- to Overdog types at literary soirees sends them into panic. (For our last few "crashes" for instance-- Housing Works; Miller Theater-- our mere presence at the events sent people into hysterics.)

Saying the ULA word is like presenting daylight or a crucifix to a vampire. It's like corrupt nobles plotting around a table in a castle, and "zip" into the middle of the discussion comes an arrow from the outlaw Robin Hood.

As we largely ARE an underground "outlaw" lit movement, the word is usually whispered, like a secret code. "Underground Literary Alliance." (Panic in the eyes of those who hear it.) Someday soon-- or now at select locations-- the word will be shouted, as it will be here in Philadelphia at our next show: "UNDERGROUND LITERARY ALLIANCE!"

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