Thursday, March 15, 2007

What's the ULA?

A mistake we made the last few years was allowing those who joined our ranks to believe we were simply another membership organization like the Flower Club. The core idea of the Underground Literary Alliance has always been that we're a literary insurgency, an ongoing campaign, a cause: a movement-- which has to be continually moving, on the march. We're not a membership organization but a commando unit.

The worst thing we can do in any aspect of the ULA is to stand still. Every piece of this campaign has to bristle with activity and conflict. Every thing we do has to explode with noise and excitement. This is the only way we'll claim literature for ourselves and the public for literature.

There are many doors which can be opened in the house of writing. When the curious open the door marked "ULA" they need to experience what they'll experience no place else; to see and read what they've never seen.

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