Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Literary Revolution?

REVOLUTION means yanking comfortable people out of their comfortable station and collapsing their status quo world to let them know that EVERYTHING has changed. This, we seek to do with literary people. We'll keep agitating until we've accomplished our mission.

The literary world consists of the most comfortable individuals in the society. For them, life is not an ongoing battle for survival. Their words ooze with complacency. They have not yet been turned upside down and dropped on their heads, as has happened to many.

This nation is being wrenched apart, the lower classes beaten down to depravity; the lower middle class vanishing; the gap between rich and poor widening, and our official literature knows none of this-- much less bears witness to the true stories of our time, as it should.

Instead, the literati celebrate politely at swanky soirees.

Their world of established literature is increasingly isolated, disconnected from the greater society. They're ignorant of this happening. All the world is glowing and wonderful, at their party. All is accomplishment and success!

Their book review pages are disappearing, they grudgingly admit in between sips of cocktails and nibbles of hors d'ouvres. The fault lies with everyone but themselves.

"No, our world is not over," they proclaim inside their wonderful room. "Not over; not yet! It's only the nasty newspaper publishers. It's only our readers, who are no longer reading us. They don't deserve to read us! We've dismissed the public with our tepid over-refined books, with our insistence that the general mass is not interested and can never be interested in literature. Only an elite few can be. Lo, like a self-fulfilling prophecy, we're proved correct. The mass public is not interested-- it's their fault. We give them not passion, not reality, not fun not adventure not motive to read not dreams not ideas not excitement not compelling characters or irresistible narratives as great novelists once gave them. We give them not musical magical poetry with meaning to their lives. Instead, we give them, US-- well-trained well-crafted imitations of perpetual sycophancy."

If they no longer have the public, they have, at least-- for now-- themselves.

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