Thursday, March 22, 2007

Sedaris Exposed?

An essay in the 3/19/07 issue of The New Republic by Alex Heard, "This American Lie," takes writer David Sedaris to task for apparently making up stuff in his book of "nonfiction" essays, Naked.

David Sedaris is not a fan of the Underground Literary Alliance. In 2005 he was involved, with Daniel Handler, in publicly chuckling in an issue of the now-defunct lit-journal The Ruminator over an obviously fake letter, signed with a big "X," written in a caricature of my voice, which they claimed, falsely, was from me. The matter was discussed on this blog in September of 2005.

Sedaris belongs to a clique of establishment writers who've attacked the ULA relentlessly over the years, usually but not always anonymously. They're the ULA's opponents. They're not honest people.

To hear that Sedaris is dishonest in other arenas isn't a surprise, but is a partial vindication for me.

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