Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Radio Taping

I'm sorting my impressions of last evening's "Live" taping.

Much disorienting about it:
1.) Being in Philly's "Green Zone." The Penn campus is a well-guarded island in the midst of the poverty, violence, and despair of West Philadelphia.
2.) Being around many attractive young women, a distraction from focus, without question.

The host, Erin Gautsche, was especially impressive, directing the event with bearing and command.

I'm still assessing those who operate within the system. (U of Penn is a system.) I don't know if they contemplate working outside the accepted and acceptable-- outside the rules, the walls. Within the system they're very confident and competent. Would that they weren't. The problem isn't them; it's the system itself.

(The show will be aired next Monday at 8 pm. I'll give a report on how the reading went before then.)

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