Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The ULA Influence


Here's the cover of the newest ULA Press release.

Notice any similarities with the cover of a new conglomerate release, THE SAVAGE DETECTIVES by South American author Roberto Bolano? (Look at the cover on Amazon.)

The gonzo lettering ULA's Jeff Potter uses for this and other ULA Press covers was taken from promo flyers done by myself. I've been doing such "psychotic" scrawls on my zeens and my mailed press material for over ten years-- have at times flooded NYC with them. It's pure coincidence that a book from NYC would have a design with the same kind of bold hand-done zeen-style graphics. Completely accidental.

Or is it?

THE SAVAGE DETECTIVES is a novel about a radical underground literary movement. I guess we should take the nod to the ULA on the book's cover as a compliment of sorts. (Further evidence that we ARE the #2 literary movement in this country-- the grittier, more authentic other side of the coin to #1's phoniness.)

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