Wednesday, March 14, 2007


It's disappointing to see n+1 cave almost immediately and offer a "partial recantation" of anti-lit-blogger remarks, because of a little heat from same. n+1 should get a backbone and keep some perspective about what they're dealing with.

The lit-blogger clique is not the world. It's not even the literature. It's nothing more than the overflow of the mass of conformist writers being cranked out by MFA programs in this country. They offer no new ideas and little in the way of new writing. They're not going to change American literature and don't WANT to change it.

The use of new technology? It's like a used car dealership which used to advertise in newspapers and on radio, and can now add television to the mix. An added outlet, nothing more, to sell the same-old product-- the same boring models the public flees from, sitting lifelessly on the same dusty lot. A few added pennants overhead, with some brighter colors.

In the larger scheme of things, lit-bloggers mean virtually nothing. They're a ring of tiny voices in the back of the hall of literary culture, a literary culture whose place in larger society keeps getting smaller, and smaller, and smaller. . . .

Occupants of a closet at the back of the house, arguing about their positions within the closet.

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