Sunday, September 09, 2012

Detroit Diary


Now that I'm back in Detroit, I'm restarting my Detroit blog, here:

I'm also opening up what had been a limited access blog, in order to get a few more literary ideas out there, in a spot not automatically checked out. I'll be posting thoughts on whether the ULA can or should become active again. See

I also have a new post up at my American Pop blog:

The question is: How long will I be in Detroit? What then?

While I'm likely here for awhile, now that I'm unsettled, the temptation exists to keep going. Chicago first. Perhaps, ultimately, San Francisco. I could meet up with undergrounders and former ULAers south of the city, do some open mics to build cred, then begin "attending" a few of the bourgie hipster events taking place in San Fran. Like many people, I go through stages of activity and inaction. I've been quite inactive the last few years as far as live appearance is concerned. I might be in the mood to change this-- or have incentive to change this.

When I move again it'll be off the grid. I'll be likely to pop up anywhere.

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