Thursday, September 27, 2012

What Makes an Activist Part I

I cover this question throughout the entirety of the e-novel The Tower. America is a grand dream, but it’s also a society (like all human societies) of enormous tragedy and cruelty. Much of the tragedy, like the fate of the lead character, stems from the human condition. Or rather, from innate flaws in human character which need to be actively fought, or else those flaws, those greeds, those appetites will overwhelm us.

In my novel I wanted to show that at the end, the only survivor, laughing at the top, is the most fucked-up person of all.

Experience enough of this civilization, at levels high and low, and you begin to see the whole out of the scattering of parts. That it’s a gigantic machine; we individuals human cogs inside it. As knowing as cogs, for the most part, which means, not at all.

This statement applies most of all to America’s approved writers—even though writers are those in the land who should be most able to see through the fog.

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