Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Success or Failure?

The success of a revived Underground Literary Alliance will depend on whether it's able to recruit or create exciting young writers within its ranks. A new phalanx of activist writers will need to go to the forefront. It'd have to truly be a ULA 2.0, not simply a recycled version of what went before. 1.0 holdovers can act as guides and advisors, conveying the lessons of our hard fought experience, and also, on occasion, punching holes into the screen of isolation and conformity which surrounds the established literary world.

Many of my thoughts about the ULA experience, and the troubles and travails of an activist group attempting against impossible odds to change part of America, are embedded in my latest e-novel, The Tower, affordably available at Nook Books or the Kindle Store. It's worth checking out.

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