Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Where Are the Literary Dissidents?


The proof that there's an Insider literary world is that few writers dare to speak against it. Few will criticize the official system for producing literature, the various intertwined bureaucracies, or take on the literary media's most favored players.

Outside the Joe Konraths at the forefront of the ebook revolt, who talk in generalized terms but not specifics, I've found a grand total of five balls-to-the-wall literary dissidents.

Two have been at it for decades. As one might guess, they're thoroughly marginalized. Namely, G. Tod Slone at www.theamericandissident.org, and Tom Hendricks of Musea, who can be found at both www.musea.wordpress.org and www.musea.us.

Of late, two new voices have joined the fight.

I've previously mentioned the very sharp and credible web site, www.howpublishingisrigged.com. Very bold words.

Bolder still is Ramon Glazov, whose criticisms of the establishment literary scene makes me look like a moderate. See this essay, and the ensuing discussion, here:

Very fun reading. A criticism and discussion which is sorely needed. Among writers, free speech is the only rule.

How can these two be so daring? The first guy doesn't give his name! As I said, he's sharp. Meanwhile, Mr. Glazov is based in Australia. A territory apparently not controlled by the ruthless McSweeney's Gang.

The fifth literary dissident? That of course would be myself.

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nitpicks said...

Morning! Have you read Truman Capote's 'Answered Prayers'?

He wasn't ostracized just because he dished dirt on Old Man Kennedy. :)