Friday, September 14, 2012

What Was the ULA?

Some people who read this blog may be wondering: What is/was the Underground Literary Alliance?

The ULA was a populist writers group. It staged events and uncovered corruption within the Insider literary world, thereby accumulating many powerful enemies. The ULA was a needed spark of independence within the conformity of today’s mainstream literary scene. We presented a wide variety of writers and writers. Some of the writing was pop. Some of it was street. Much of it was raw but striking. Almost none of it looked like the polished articles handed us by Approved products of today’s literary system—products so polished to remove life. We valued immediacy and authenticity. Our goal was to offer the genuine American voice—culture from the roots, not imposed by mandarins from high above.

The Underground Literary Alliance was the most radical writers group in the long annals of American literary history. Though we were squelched, we planted a flag which we hope other writers will follow.

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