Wednesday, September 12, 2012


What was the intent behind resuming the attack on underground writers?

We face the idea that Dave Eggers wishes to culturally assassinate the genuine article-- why he's sought to wipe out all memory of the DIY populist writers of the Underground Literary Alliance. (DIY not just in stance, but reality.) Attain this end, and he can present himself in our stead. Wasn't this the intent behind the curious additions to the Tom Bissell essay? As Bissell has been reading these blog posts-- and remarking on them in safety-- perhaps he can answer this question for us.

Who was behind the changes to the essay? What was the motivation?

(It's the kind of question the questionable "journalists" who did puff pieces on Bissell should have asked him.)

Tom Bissell, and by extension Dave Eggers, look great and intelligent because they're never challenged, and  never allowed to be challenged. Competition to them strictly restricted for their safety.

Meanwhile, former ULAers from Frank Walsh to Jack Saunders to Eric Broomfield among others, like myself, don't need to find Third World stand-ins to exploit. We don't have to buy our credibility. I've lived out of a duffel bag for years, bouncing along the underside of America. (Which I'll be portraying in my next e-book. Or see my Mood Detroit. Priced for the 99%.) I live my stance and my words. I'm not wearing a borrowed cloak, nor striking a phony pose.

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