Sunday, September 16, 2012

Now: How ‘Bout a Review?


Kudos to the New York Times Book Review for publishing my letter. Now the Book Review needs to go one step further toward leveling the playing field between well-connected system writers like Ben Marcus and Michael Chabon, on the one hand, and the DIY populist working class variety on the other.

I ask the New York Times Book Review and other establishment review outlets to read my new e-novel, The Tower, and tell us if it does not have as many relevant actions, themes, and ideas as any elite “literary” novel. Tell us if the prose isn’t as compelling and “marketable.” I know I ask this of journalists indoctrinated by the assumptions of the literary mainstream, to whom new pop writing is an unfamiliar experience. To those who’ve been reading novels of the slow-paced slower-thinking status quo literary style. I take the risk anyway.

Pop DIY e-novels represent where the market is headed. The best of them reveal the necessary direction of American literature.

If you discriminate against literature NOT from corporate publishing’s “Big Six”—then how liberal are you?

I have a big enough name in the literary world to justify a review, whatever the outcome. Put your avowed ideals to work. Demonstrate your principles. Literary democracy is literature’s future.

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