Monday, January 17, 2005

An Abe Lincoln Story

For one of the famous Lincoln-Douglas debates, the participants had to walk through a college building and step through a window to get to the makeshift stage. Abe Lincoln with difficulty unfolded his long form onto the stage, then looked around proudly and exclaimed, "Well! I have now been through the university."

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From Noah Cicero

I went to college for semesters and only got 28 hours. School loans do not cover a complete year at a state school. But here's my one story of a college intro to literature class. This is was three three years ago, only if I fucking knew of the ULA then.
We had just read a T.C. Boyle story and the teacher opened discussion. So I raised my hand and said that the story read like a bad movie, the characters didn't make any sense, (they were tough guys who read Gide, tough guys don't read Gide.) and the plot was pushed along and didn't make sense. His reply was that of listing all the places he has been published(New Yorker, Paris Review etc), that was it and gave me that classic snobbish look. I replied, "The people who read those magazines are idiots!" He walked off. I wanted to say more before I didnt have information to put up a better arguement. But I could tell something was wrong, something was horrible, really horrible, it was like he wanted me to be ashamed that I didn't think the story was good because it was published in those places. Like I had a duty to like the story and had only two rights to like everything I was forced to read and to explain in their lexicon why the story was so good.
Then I heard from a kid I knew the professor called me a nerd and talked shit about me. I stopped showing up to that class and failed and have never returned to college.