Friday, January 14, 2005

How to Be a Published Author Part III

This week's New York Magazine has a profile on rich kid Amanda Marquit, who wrote a novel at age 14 which is now being published. She quickly found a literary agent for the work-- a friend of Daddy's. Amanda says, "I was really lucky, pretty much."


Noah Cicero said...

This reminds of that scene in the old 30s version of Tales of Two Cities when the Marquis is feeding his dog huge chunks of meat in front of starving people and then it has random shots of human suffering with the word "WHY" popping up on the screen.

Adam Hardin said...

There is this real urgency to try and make a Hemingway by publishing these kids in their teen years to make it look like they are Literary Child Prodigies who if they can publish a novel in their teen years, just think how good they will be at thirty? Of course, it never turns out that way. P

Bradley said...

Interesting that some would attack Amanda Marquit for her accomplishment. I'd like to see those making these comments write a novel at age 14, or 15. Of course, judging from the run-on sentence I was just forced to read, that would be difficult.

I've found that young writers---teens, even---often have a very clear and concise view of their subject material. They thus create superior works, as compared to the pop-culture form-books which generally spill onto the shelves.

Don't make the mistake of assuming that, just because a teen is published, they are the subject of some pop-culture conspiracy.

Of course, this is me saying these things. You'll probably come after me with equal condescension. I, however, am hardly a rich-kid.

Fire away.

Anonymous said...

The overwhelming feeling I get when reading about these teen *prodigys* is just, well, jealousy really.

Writer_Boy said...

I'm happy for them. I'm also a teenage writer and hope to get published. I say more power to them.