Saturday, January 22, 2005

A Paris Review Mystery

Whatever happened to James Linville, long-time Paris Review #2? If anyone should take over as editor, it should be him.

Last I heard of him, he was in London. Doing what?

Then there's this from a February 16 article in the American Conservative, "An American in Paris" by Richard Cummings:

"James Linville, the former managing editor of the Paris Review, who confirms that 'the Paris Review was Peter Matthiessen's cover for the CIA,' says that Matthiessen is 'haunted by the CIA.' His name remains on the masthead as an editor."


Anonymous said...

Paris Review a CIA front? Wouldn't surprise me one bit. That's how they got Ezra Pound, after all--he was railing against the Federal Reserve and how Wilson single-handedly destroyed America (Wison even said so himself; "America" officially ended in December 1913)--When people speak of W as the "worst president ever" they'd do better to look at that absolute monster and democracy-destroyer, Woodrow Willson.

Some day the tony and exclusive "Grotto" in San Francisco, which currently serves as a thinktank for connected safe writers, like the "winner" of the $3000 McSweeney's award for best short story (by a Grotto regular, Friend Of Eggers who lied about his identity and still qualified for the bullshit award) will be like The Bohemian Club, where Colin Powell and Dick Cheney cavort in togas and burn little wood devils in effigy and plot their continued control of the Merkin Peepholes.

Me, i'm a romance novelist. I don't give a fuck about their sick twisted anti-American shit; I breathed enough human bar-b-q on 9/11 to ensure that I'll probably be dead of "mysterious circumstances" (lung cancer, asbestos, chemicals) within 10 years. God Fucking Bless America, and fuck all you pussy-warts who won't stand up and make a positive difference. Fuck you all.

Anonymous said...

P.S.: I, Tim Hall, wrote the above post.