Thursday, January 13, 2005


I've been listing for myself the things to do with the ULA to take advantage of our many opportunities. The road is wide open for us-- mainly because our message is unbeatable. No one any longer disputes that our criticisms are right. It's now a question of tactics-- of how fast we expand and who we bring in as allies.

To accomplish everything we can accomplish we need more people working hard for this team. Steve Kostecke and I only have so much time and energy-- we're both doing a lot behind the scenes. (So are others like Tim Hall, J.D. Finch, and Pat King.) We have some great new members who we have to bring up to speed quickly-- which I guess will be my responsibility. The best thing would be to hold another East Coast Conclave so people can meet; so we can outline strategy. A business meeting more than a party. (Another Midwest Conclave like the one Steve set up last year might also be in order.) (It looks right now that there will be ULA-related publications and there should be some shows around the country, ideally.)

The original Six of the ULA had not met anyone else (besides me) before Hoboken. We got moving quickly and for six months did amazing things.

I'm giving my priority in the coming months to those who will make the ULA a priority. It's the fastest way to the destination. (We need all kinds of talents and voices.)

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