Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Trouble in the Bloggosphere

Political bloggers are making a mistake by allowing their independence to be co-opted by political operative Hugh Hewitt. If they become simply a simplistic unquestioning extension of the Republican party, like Hewitt, their potential credibility is reduced to zero.

Another disturbing sign in Blogland is the Newsweek profile of the "Craig's List" guy, with Craig shown as a negative persona, a nerdy t-shirt potato chip slob who hasn't experienced daylight in a decade. Be a slob, sure, but also have some personality-- not appear as a blank, a void, an absent space on the page; a Craig. There's not a shred of energy or charisma in sight.

Charisma is the ULA's strong point with Wild Bill, Marissa Ranello, Michael Jackman, Jessica Disobedience, Crazy Carl, Wred Fright, and many more tough or comic kick-ass writers we're shoving into the spotlight.

A team of superheroes; the Greatest Show in Lit: the Underground Literary Alliance.

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