Monday, January 10, 2005

ULA Research Department

I'm happy to announce that Adam Hardin has agreed to become a full-fledged ULA member to head-up our Research Department, which up to now has been an ad-hoc affair. Adam will be monitoring awards and grants throughout the literary world to ensure fairness.

The Underground Literary Alliance, of course, made its reputation by speaking up against corruption and standing up for writers-- often as a lonely voice in that fight.

Adam by the way, like many of our members and supporters, is a multi-talented lit person who writes poetry, fiction, and most notably, kick-ass essays which have been featured and will continue to be featured at our fan site's "Monday Report" at

Right now we're like a football team drafting talented players who can harmonize well with the ULA team; getting everything in place for a successful 2005 season. We remain on the lookout for good walk-on players who don't mind a little contention and who understand what we're doing.

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