Tuesday, January 04, 2005

ULA Postcards

Postcards! Get your ULA postcards!

Yes, postcards with the famous ULA Eric Alberasturi "finger photo" (as shown on the ULA site) are now available. Great to send to people you don't like!

We're selling them for One Dollar each, but under a special offer as cleared through the ULA High Committee I have been authorized to sell TEN ULA Postcards for only Three dollars cash U.S. money. Order yours today while supplies last! Guaranteed to be Collector's Items.

Send your money now to me at PO Box 42077, Philadelphia PA 19101, and I'll get ten famous ULA postcards right to you. (Offered free to ULA members who contact me.) Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Hey King. That's cool about the post card. You know, that image of the workerman chipping away the base of the Ivory tower ass, is that available on a shirt or sweatshirt, or something? That's something I'd like to wear around.

Anonymous said...

Bah! Your timing is just-off, Comrade.

Evil Journalista has already sent out his Christmas and New Years cards. Instead of mid-finger salute, they contained images of Christ child and happy woodland creatures! Evil Journalista was most disappointed, by limited greeting card selection, of Dollar Tree.

Perhaps he will send this U-L-A postcard to his loved ones, for St. Valentine's Day!

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