Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Who Is Jennifer Haigh?

Everywhere I go I hear about the novelist Jennifer Haigh. I stop at an ING for tea, and there is Jennifer Haigh on the television screen. I leave and walk north. A big poster with Jennifer Haigh's name on it is at the public library!

Is she the savior of American literature-- or merely the conglomerate's Flavor of the Week? I'll have to look at her book-- but I'd wager its prose is as tame and domesticated as she is.

As contrast to Ms. Haigh, later in 2005 the ULA will be presenting wild young writers like Jessica Disobedience.

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Adam Hardin said...

Typical MFA novel. Light and Breezy and utterly detatched at all points from reality. Iowa Graduate-Big Suprise. Not a New Voice at all. The same workshop voice hyped up once again.