Thursday, February 16, 2017

Who Are the Real Fascists?

Turmoil and more turmoil. The trick is not to watch the magician’s wrong hand—but the other one, to see what’s really happening.

We’ve already seen with the Milo incident at Berkeley that the so-called anti-fascist “antifa” movement will readily adopt fascist tactics of violence, stopping speech and shouting down opponents to achieve their ends. (Totalitarianism on college campuses has been going on for some time. One of the more disturbing articles which documented this, “I’m Still Fresh Out of Ideas,” by noted socialist Freddie DeBoer, is no longer available online.)

Now we find out that the NSA/CIA security state has been unleashed against the supposed Trump danger. Peace with Russia? No Cold War? Pulling back from U.S. Imperialism? Truly dangerous! Moves that once would’ve been lauded by the so-called Left, but not in 2017.

Increased NSA surveillance of U.S. citizens is discussed in this article by Michael Walsh in PJ Media, which cites this prior article by Charlie Savage in the New York Times. This is the intelligence net that gobbled up then-private citizen Michael Flynn, who, as the FBI acknowledged, did nothing illegal when he chatted informally with the Russian ambassador. (Speaking with important individuals in the host country is what ambassadors, uh, do.) Of course, Flynn was one of the Trumpian bad guys, so this made everything okay. Even celebrated by antifa people.

Do you understand the reasoning? The so-called anti-fascists are willing to set up an all-powerful fascist state in order to stop fascism! It’s all too Orwellian, but supposedly intelligent people of the east coast intelligentsia variety are fully behind it. No contradictions in their behavior to be seen. No doubt many of them are the gullible magician-watching audience, swept up in the current anti-Trump anti-Goldstein (see 1984) hysteria.

Who are these antifa groups anyway? Who funds them, directly and indirectly? It’s hard to find out—they hide their identities, which means they could be anybody. Their fascist anti-fascist agenda is curious—unlike past Lefty radicals, they have no concern whatsoever about the machinations of the CIA, which has long funded journalists—even, as we saw in a different set of revelations last decade, literary organizations.

I had an exchange via one of my twitter accounts with one of the more prominent antifa groups. They gave little away, responding to any points made with stale anti-conspiracist talking points from the 1950’s! (Called me a Bircher! Really.) Which makes the whole thing more curious. Hard to picture hip young independent Lefty radicals of today with that kind of pro-Insider defensive mindset.

I suspect—just my personal opinion, mind you—that these organizations are anything but independent; are part of a well-funded disinformation campaign whose main concern in their tops-down “anti-fascist” fight isn’t really refugees from Syria (and we have to ask how many of those, young men mostly, were on the CIA payroll) but Russia, NATO, and the kind of American interventionism, secret and stated, which has been so much a disaster in Iraq, Libya, and Syria.


(A little background: In 2007 an activist writers group I was then part of looked into CIA funding of literary publications, in a somewhat flashy way. We quickly suffered, from good liberal literary persons, a maelstrom of outrage accompanied by blackballing, defections, and other remedies.)