Wednesday, October 20, 2021

The Believer Mag Shuts Down!

 My past antagonist-- but there is no joy or gloating in this corner. No, even though the magazine trashed the Underground Literary Alliance with an egregious and highly inaccurate essay by Tom Bissell way back in 2003.

HOW inaccurate? There's a four-part takedown of the essay by moi visible on one of the side bars on this page.

Why no celebration? Because the culture needs all the prominent literary magazines it can get. For almost two decades The Believer was a highly visible member of the species. Their essay was contentious-- and if there's anything the sleepy world of Literature lacks and needs is noise and contention.

Freedom of speech means the right to be wrong.

MEANWHILE, the lack of complaint and outrage on the part of University of Nevada-Las Vegas's faculty and students gives the impression they're okay with their "university" being treated as a mere adjunct to a highly-touted sports program.

Are they? Can The Believer be saved?