Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Lit-Blogger Backbone Watch, Day One

To date I've sent out scores of e-mails about the post directly below this one. To my surprise, I've received several good responses. Mucho props to those who replied! It gives me hope that the lit community is not after all an unthinking monolith. I hope to post the best of the viewpoints, regarding this matter, within a few days.

In the meantime, several leading lit citizens so far have made no comment!

Maud Newton: No Response.
Chris/ Spike Magazine: No Response.
Mark Sarvas/ Elegant Variations: No Response.
Agni: No Response.
Harper's: No Response.
The Believer: No Response.

I'll keep readers of this blog updated as this affair progresses. Thanks.


dong said...

Maud's a busy woman flooded with mail who goes out of her way to answer, and seems to genuinely feel bad when she misses one, even from casual acquaintances.

Just felt the need to spell that out, lest anyone intuit rudeness from your broadcasted lack of response from her, here.

Lindsay Robertson said...

Hey, I got the email and I didn't respond either! I'm not a lit blogger, or a blogger of any serious topics, ever, but still: I'm hurt. Who do you have to ignore to get some attention around here?

(Wait, does this count as a response?)

Note: Any similarities between this comment and any other blog comments on the web is purely coincidental.

DrMabuse said...

Man, if I cried for every person who didn't send me an email back, I'd have the emotional equivalent of Lake Superior. Look, King, email's a bit like dating. At the very least, you should have considered the three day rule. But if you're not into The Rules, maybe you might want to factor in the notion that a little bit of courtesy goes a long way.

Let me guess. You haven't dated since the 90s and anyone who doesn't suck your cock is part of the machine.

And here I was thinking that the "conspiracy of the lonely" only applied to tina addicts and vagrants suffering from OCD.

galleycat said...

Bravo to the bloggers who didn't bite.
I did -- and vomited.

Jeff Potter said...

Ah, the lit-bloggers arrive. So clever! So breezy! What a scene they offer...I miss it so badly, their splashy world of snark. Ooooh, I'm wet! I'll splash back...

King Wenclas said...

Well, Jeff, I hope that person vomited over what Mr. Bissell did, and not about us.

Anonymous said...

Um... It wouldn't have been that hard to see what "that person" wrote:

Or do you have trouble checking things too?

King Wenclas said...

Sorry, I'm just not on-line that much. I went to mediabistro just now (I can't access your link from here), and all I can find is news about TV shows and yuppy industry insiders who've been promoted. (A lot about blogs also. Question: Where's the blog difference when they're coming from the same people who've been giving us a stale and decayed literature to begin with??)

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