Saturday, December 24, 2005

ULA Mail: Musea

I've received a ton of interesting mail into the official ULA PO Box (POB 42077, Philadelphia PA 19101). Included is the latest musical cd from ULAer Tom Hendricks. Didn't know we had our own musician in our ranks, did you? (Better than David Berman.) The cd contains some of Tom's own compositions, but also several classics, best among them John Lennon's "That Means a Lot"-- maybe the best version I've heard of it. Tom has a unique, avant-garde voice framed by the simplicity of his solo guitar. Another high point is Buddy Holly's "Not Fade Away." Good to see two of the three genius writers of the rock era represented. (Missing is a Bob Dylan composition.) Do we have a cut on the ULA site yet? If not, let's do it!

(Merry Christmas everyone!)

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