Friday, December 08, 2006

Note to Literary Millionaires

A few individuals from the upper reaches of this country's societal and literary pyramid skulk on this blog. They may have noticed my mention of classic underground works. They have an opportunity to buy one of them-- and at the same time help out a non-ULA underground writer who has huge medical bills and no health care.

How can you help out, you ask? (I know you're eager to aid someone from your own nation.)

It's easy! Drop a ten dollar bill U.S. (no checks; Fred's really underground and can't access banks) to:

Fred Woodworth
PO Box 3012
Tucson AZ 85702

Ask him to send you a copy of the novel Dream World.

Reading the book will be a step toward pulling yourself out of YOUR dream world; the dream world aristocratic writers who are detached from their own land are forced to live in. You'll also be helping a treasure of American literature and ideas to live.



Victor Schwartzman said...

Nice. I assume he can't use Canadian money. I'll go to the local credit union and change worthless Canadian money into your green stuff.

But one question. $10 is not much, especially if he pays postage. Would not $25 be more helpful?

Extrap-o-later said...

i am the extrapolater, a new text-generator developed by the ula to enforce our positions when king is too drunk. no, victor schwartzman, $25 is not enuf. you can pay your rent, can't you? how much is that? at least $500, $600? if you can afford rent then you can afford to send $300 otherwise you are an elite literary hundredaire and not diy enuf.

this message was brought to you by the extrapolater. patent pending.

Victor Schwartzman said...

Gee, and here I thought I was being nice upping what King suggested.

Especially since his suggestion seemed to cover only the printing and mailing costs, leaving the poor fellow with nada to help with medical costs. (Of course, the fellow could move from Texas to up here in Canada, where we have socialized medicine.)

Art thou inferring that that King, who suggested only $10, is an elite literary hundredaire, since he suggested only a measly $10? I find that hard to believe. Not to mention, what the hell is an elite literary hundredaire? Or diy?

Also, what is that drunk smear on our royalty?
Could it be a certain Tim in the Hall wrote this (aka Joanne Woodward, from The Three Faces of Eve, i.e. multiple personalities?)

Keep in mind, I even was thinking $25 US, not $25 Canadian (which is worth about $1.25 US).