Friday, May 23, 2008

"Burning Mansions"

SPARE ME your lectures,
your trivialized posing
snooty condescension
chi-chi descritpions
of the swanky parties
of bohemian millionaires
Sedaris clown entertainment
snot-filled pastry dishes
white powder trays of sandwiches
clinking wineglasses
at the Benefit for the African tourist
flash photo taken with the guests
to show they're generous progressives;
Saturday smiles of glowing teeth,
boob jobs and face lifts.
They return home
comforting digs--
million dollar--
take off their ties and party dresses
to hand to the maid
head-bowed and silent immigrant.
Then the Overdogs open
laid out on the mahogany end table
neatly-stacked envelopes
counting the profits
of their global investments,
smelling of sanctity
of the convent of their untouched


Anonymous said...

Nutter Butter Days
God, how I wish that I could find
the peanut filling of your mind.

Scrape it off with my front teeth,
like a barnacle off a reef

And soon I'd know each thought you think:
do you like rough sex? do you like to drink?

and then I'd have you, you'd be mine.
Until I declared, "Oreo time!"

Anonymous said...

Remember the Heroes

They said "so long" like anyone
to children, wives, and pets.
But went out into the morning sun
to breathe their very last breaths.
Who knew that day that they would choke
one pillars of fire and smoke
who could have said that they would croak
the heroes of september
The cads who ploughed the jets into
the towering spires of steel
their bosses said, "Off are all bets!
Tomorrow's your very last meal!"
So without a thought, without a qualm
They got our brave Harrys, Ricks, and
They left many a woman a single mom,
The heroes of September

Anonymous said...

I Love The Feeling

New York, that great old town
they knocked those beautiful buildings down
they made all the New Yorkers cry and frown
those dumb, towel-headed clowns.
I'm hoping for a quick demise to
all of those who Islamicize
they city where summer attracts flies!
God I love the feeling of New York.

Anonymous said...

I Like to Watch

Standing by my shiny pane,
my hand upon my basket.
I look across the alleyway--
God, I can barely mask it.
My glee: You're taking off your clothes,
the ones you wore, to work.
I'd love to hold them to my nose, and my
faithful friend, to jerk.
How about you look this way,
look at my feverish face?
I think you might be quite amazed
to know that you had graced
my thoughts for lo these many nights,
as I've stood by and viewed
Your clothes come off, one by one,
until you were standing, in the nude.

Anonymous said...

Woman, Listen!
(dedicated to polygamists everywhere, and their women)

Why don't you ever pick up the house,
woman. Listen:
I don't need you to "do" anything for me,
because I'm a man who can take care
of himself.
Yet, I married you,
because we had a pact.
And the pact,
went like this:
You do as I say.
Love, honor and certainly "obey."
Don't forget it again.

Anonymous said...

Paris Capaldi is a disgusting sexist.

Wred Fright said...

Hundred Yards
by Wred Fright

Literary conference
Renaissance Hotel
Downtown Cleveland
A fancy place in a not so fancy city
From the looks I got from the staff and guests
I judge I must be just on the boundary of respectable
Up the elevator because I couldn't find the stairs to
Meeting rooms named for robber barons
Others who didn't do so well, but well enough
In the meeting room, the literary critics talked of human suffering.
I had to wonder
Did they experience it firsthand or just read about it in stories?
Walking to the hotel
I passed some human suffering
Homeless guy sleeping
Steam grate
People pay a lot to stay at the hotel
But they could sleep for free across the street
True, there's no room service
No complimentary Starbucks Coffee
But you don't need a "Do Not Disturb" sign on the doorknob
You could freeze to death and no one might notice until spring
It's a free country or at least a freeze country.
It's a great nation or at least a grate nation.
Only one hundred yards or so was the distance between hotel and grate
Was that the difference between rich and poor in America, or at least in Cleveland?
Only a hundred yards
But a hundred yards that can take a lifetime to cross.

12 November 2007