Friday, October 31, 2008

The End of Liberalism?

It's ironic that at the moment the liberal intelligentsia is on the verge of virtual totalitarian control over this nation's avenues of thought, they've lost all standards and appeal as an intellectual force. Case in point is the Notebook piece in the November Harper's by Editor Roger D. Hodge, who states that Democrats in this election campaign aren't lying enough. This from a man who approved two cases of plagiarism which appeared in his magazine's pages, previously discussed on this blog. (See the archives for January and February of 2005.)

Contrary to what his essay implies, liberal Democrats-- largely through the press and culture-- have unleashed a hurricane of abuse upon the other side, most specifically upon VP candidate Sarah Palin. From his lofty intellectual perch of deliberate untruth he designates Governor Palin as "unsuitable" to have been nominated. In the next breath, after his notably UNdemocratic assessment, Hodge claims liberal Democrats as being more democratic than the other side. Does he truly believe this? Or is he being intentionally misleading, as his essay advocates? (The liberal intelligentsia, as shown by their utter scorn for working class upstarts, have shown themselves to have little real commitment to the democratic spirit.)

Liberals like Hodge have nakedly withdrawn their commitment to the ideal of truth, and so as intellectuals, as spokesmen for this culture, have damaged no one so much as themselves.

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