Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Programming Note

Like many millions of people in this country, I don't own a computer, and rely on libraries and cafes in order to access the Internet. Of late, branch libraries in this town have cut their hours. Starting in October, all library branches including the central branch will close for budgetary reasons. (No libraries in a major city??) Internet cafes at the same time have been raising their fees.

WHICH MEANS I'll be doing a lot less posting on this blog and my other blogs. It's a miracle that I've kept them going the past few years as it is, given my up-and-down (mainly down) life circumstances during that period. Right now the recession is as bad as it's been, which makes it a little more difficult to make a living in any of the kind of jobs I work. I probably need a break from fighting the corruption of the demi-puppets!-- and will be focusing for once on my own writing.

In the meantime:
-There's a Youtube video purporting to be an interview with me, about the ULA!, conducted by a person I've not heard of, in which I talk up the organization-- why I would is a mystery as their top guys won't even sign the Petition to PEN, though it's clearly in their interest. (I also think I'm better looking and more articulate than the character in the video.)
-Said Petition still exists, and welcomes any lit person interested in the plight of writers-- everyone concerned about leveling a grossly distorted playing field:


Anonymous said...

Are you referring to this?

Because he appears to be the person also identified as Karl "King" Wenclas in this clip:

And here, in this Village Voice photo:

And here:


FDW said...

Any way yr point about internet access and especially the Philly Libraries in situ is well taken long and short of extrapolation is:
the public welfare, even the public safety is under direct attack by "entities" like Pinn and Concast.... more to follow...

James Nowlan said...

Makes me think of Tyson interviews for some reason the way he keeps moving and staring past the interviewer towards some potential threat. I think he defends his basic thesis well enough.

BradyDale said...

I think you can use computers at the Literacy centers. There's one in my building. The Philadelphia Unemployment Project has a computer center, too. That's my old stomping grounds