Monday, May 03, 2010

Three Question Challenge #4


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1.) Are there too many writers in this country?

WRED FRIGHT: No. In a democracy everyone should be a reader and writer. Of course, earning a living from one's writing is made more difficult when everyone can do it though, and that's where some, indeed many, people are going to be disappointed if they are expecting to be the next Ernest Hemingway or J.K. Rowling. We're probably there already, and have been for ages. However, I feel the same way about scribblers as I do about garage rock bands: I wouldn't mind at least one on every block. It makes life more interesting. It's why I like blogs and zines. Hundred!

2.) Should a crazy writer like yourself become more or less crazy?

WRED: Both. The crazier the work gets, the more interesting it gets. However, the crazier it gets, the more it scares the timid reader away. In retrospect, wearing a Mexican wrestling mask for the author photo and putting a toilet on the cover of The Pornographic Flabbergasted Emus book probably weren't the best career moves, but both still delight me to this day. Writing a 250,000 word novel about conspiracy theories and professional wrestling and serializing it on a blog while everyone else is writing six-word memoirs and writing Twitter and cell phone novels also was a bit mad. Hundred!

3.) Why is pro wrestling more popular than literature at the present time?

WRED: Well, I'll tell you what, brother. A lot of people are saying that literature is down for the count, but I know my peeps and they're still in its corner. Literature is going to get off the canvas and piledrive many more readers and give them the 1-2-3 or make them tap out. Wooooo! There's nothing in any wrestling ring like a story smackdown, a poetry palooka, a drama drilldriver or an essay eartwist. I'd tell you some more brother, but I have to go watch on the TV Team 3D put their opponents through a table. Hundred!

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