Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Programming Update

It seems I burned out my little el cheapo Netbook while writing on it at my place during this past weekend's 100-degree heat wave. I have no air-conditioning. I was working up two new e-books. Oh well! Looks like I'm taken out of the ballgame-- which I haven't really been in of late anyway.


JeffOYB said...
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JeffOYB said...

FYI, "Jack Saunders Day" is August 31. Jack will have been writing his cutting edge material -- which yet also ties into traditional lit and general culture -- for *40 YEARS*. He constantly approaches publishers, agents, grants and prize people -- and is uniformly rejected. He asserts that "folk writing" exists and declares his work (several hundred books) to be evidence. The larger literary world has refused to respond, as any response might be seen as an admission of the reality of "folk writing" (by definition "folk" is illiterate, a definition that is outdated). However, Jack has published 10 books via micropresses. His work has been called great, remarkable and important by critics "under the radar" and he has fans in mail art and zinedom. He has received letters of praise and encouragement from Bukowski, Willeford, Mailer, Abbey, Percy, and others who writers would be happy to have heard from. A documentary film about him was recently finished. To celebrate his 40th anniversary, Jack says he'll stop his daily posting to his longrunning website, http://thedailybulletin.com.