Thursday, January 05, 2012

Novel Criticism


Expecting my p.o. box to be swamped with review copies, my original plan with Blitz Book Review ( was to write very many quick but entertaining reviews. Since the expected apocalyptic deluge of books hasn't occurred, I'm modifying my strategy.

Expect me to mix brief reviews with larger think pieces, in which the overarching question will be, "What makes a novel great?"

First up in that direction, if not it's realization, is a look at the genre novel via a review of Steve Martini's Trader of Secrets.

I've oft been accused of attacking highly-praised "literary" writers, while ignoring the best sellers. This review rectifies that without in any way changing my ideas.

I also plan to revisit Jonathan Franzen, though my role will not be as a polemicist or literary activist. Different blogs, different viewpoints. I'll give what will try to be a dispassionate analysis of his Freedom, noting its strengths as well as its failings.

Can I write good criticism? We'll see.

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