Monday, May 14, 2012

From The King Wenclas Fan Club

Some recent plaudits about myself and my writing:

"Detroit has a lot of crazy people in it, and he was one of them, the postcard writer, Karl Wenclas."
-Charles Baxter
(For some background, see the previous two blog posts. I've not sent anonymous postcards, which would defeat the point, but I have criticized established and successful writers.)

"Someone unleash the feminized mandarins of American literature on this fatuous, florid crackpot."
-D.E. Rasso
(Uh, D.E., they were unleashed on me, some time ago.)

"His shit is BORING, not to mention badly crafted."
-Glenn Kenny
(Everyone's entitled to their opinion, but Kenny gives no examples, and I note his post was made before I released any of my serious writing via ebooks, which makes me wonder if he was simply recirculating the accepted narrative re me.)

In the same post, Glenn Kenny also says this:
"What the fuck are we gonna do, ban everybody with a privileged background from participating in the arts, or in criticism for that matter?"

But Glenn, the question is whether someone NOT from a privileged background can participate in the arts, without sacrificing his-or-her integrity. I'm one literary critic anyway who seems to be banned from the arts. Exactly why could be a matter of debate, if debate about such questions were allowed in the literary mainstream.

But at least my three fans spelled my name right!

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