Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Men Behaving Badly Part I

A couple posts ago I discussed the National Book Critics Circle and their “Gender Counting.” With such a mindset, one can see why the masculinist ethos of the Underground Literary Alliance never had a chance in today’s ultra-p.c. lit world. We even dared put up front at one of our events two old bear ultra-macho underground legends, Wild Bill Blackolive and Jack Saunders. The Manhattan-Brooklyn latte crowd must’ve been spilling overpriced coffee all over themselves in panic and outrage. The ULA represented a far cry from what American literature has become: domesticated; dry; harmless; feminized. It’s so quiet, like a sewing circle, that hardly anyone in the larger society even knows it’s around. We’d sought to change that, but were effectively shut down.


On this same topic of Men Behaving Badly, I’ll be discussing a movie in which the male characters very much behave badly. It stars, as well as a coupla guys, the talented young actress I referred to in the previous post here: Pina Pellicer. Her performance, IMHO, sears the screen.


Frank Wilson said...

Tell us more, please.

King Wenclas said...

Will do. I hope to have that post finished and up sometime this weekend. Thanks.