Thursday, December 05, 2013

Cutting the Gordian Knot

Someone needs to come along and artistically shatter literature's Gordian Knot-- a pagan gnostic symbol aptly matching our solipsistic literature of careful intricacies able to be approached only by students of the Eleusinian Mysteries. Popularly known as MFAers.

Alexander at Gordium in effect said, "Enough of this shit." He showed the boldness necessary to attempt the conquest of Persia, which at the time was civilization's status quo.

As I told moderate members of the Underground Literary Alliance ten years ago, there's no reforming a thoroughly corrupt, insular, stagnant literary system. The established lit world is as hierarchical and backward as was Darius's Persia. There's no correcting it. No baby steps. No carefully going along with literature's High Priests in hopes they'll give up a smidgen of power.

Only a complete break will do.

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