Sunday, January 12, 2014

RIP Larry Richette

I just received tardy word of the death of Philadelphia novelist Lawrence Richette. Larry did a lot of self-publishing, and was an advocate of good writing and writers. I appeared at several readings with Larry in Philly, including a ULA (Underground Literary Alliance) event at a rock club aptly called the Underground in 2007.

Larry received fairly bad press from local media, but whenever I was in Philly I found him to be a good friend. We had many long conversations about literature at coffeeshops (Larry was on the wagon), sometimes with loud voices, which threw people, no doubt.

What Larry was above all was a terrific writer.

I’ll have more to say about his work when I can. Here’s his obit:


Wred Fright said...

That's sad news. I only met Larry a couple of times, when I visited Philly, but he used to call me up from time to time over the years since then. He often encouraged me to keep writing, which I appreciated since he was such a good writer himself. The world is now a less interesting place.

Frank Marcopolos said...

RIP to a rabblerouser. Met him the one time, and he seemed unusually friendly, but an encouraging soul, to say the least. One fewer unique souls on the planet.

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