Friday, December 04, 2015


NPL Cover 2 Hi

The best cover for a lit journal ever?

The stories and poems inside are as striking and dynamic.

How can you NOT own this literary artwork? It’s not perfect—but it is a harbinger of where the lit product is headed in both look and content. Fun and fast, finding a new path for readers and writers.

Get it! Available through our Detroit blog, here.


Unknown said...

Amazon gremlins at work? My latest work:
has been available through Kindle Select for three hours (midnight December 5) and it already has a one star review. Did someone come home on a saturday night, start reading my book, and then an hour later decide it wasn't worth it? What's more they admit not finishing it but decline to mention at what point and for what motive they decided to stop. Was it too gory, violent, or perverse? What particular scene was too much? Perhaps it wasn't gory enough. Maybe it was simply boring. If the purpose of reviews is to inform perspective readers, then why not leave some information? What's more this is the only book that they have ever reviewed and they didn't give their real name, just the initials KWC.

King Wenclas said...

James! What's up? Didn't know you were still writing. Feel free to send along some short fiction for us to consider for the NEW POP LIT site. ( I'm still plugging along at the lit game; not sure why!
p.s. There have always been strange Amazon gremlins out there. As I recall, a well-known lit person was once exposed as posting anonymous attacks against a DIY writers group. I didn't know that kind of thing was still going on. . . .

Unknown said...

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