Monday, May 09, 2016

Free Speech Turning Point?

SOME YEARS AGO I traded commodity futures with a buddy of mine, for our own accounts. Fast-speed high stakes gambling. We quickly learned that understanding market turning points is crucial. You can never accurately predict them—many traders have gone broke trying—but you can recognize them after they occur.

We had a free speech turning point over the last couple weeks, signified by two events:

1.) A panel of conservatives versus anti-speech totalitarians at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

See this.

Has the “Right” become cooler than the “Left”?

2.) Michael Bloomberg’s pro-free speech commencement address at University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

See this.

Suppressing speech, whatever the justification, isn’t cool.


(As a DIY zinester, I’ve fought for free speech, and against authoritarian elites, most of my life. Today the main threat to speech is coming from the so-called Left.)


Anonymous said...

The issue is that freedom comes from order. The modern left repeats the same cycle the Protestant reformers and French revolutionaries went through. Well intentioned reformers get destroyed by paranoid radicals who care only about purity. Eventually, the revolution implodes under its own weight.

James Nowlan said...

It's welcome but it's too late for me. I went to college for awhile because I just wanted to go along with the program. How mercilessly I was persecuted. Not because of anything I was but simply because I was different. I was strange, very strange. But being incarcerated and homeless does that to a person. Why was I incarcerated? Because I fought back against my parents who were violent and facistic. They arranged to have me declared and out of control youth and psychotic. My sympathies at the time were to the left, to the extreme left. But the sick loony lefties of akademia need people to demonize and I was a convenient victim. So I wasn't able to become a normal part of America's middle class (I didn't really care about becoming this but what's the alternative be a dishwasher and live in a trailer or a residence hotel? be homeless? be a prisoner in a state penitentiary?) so I had to move to another continent where I have continued to be persecuted by these cocksuckers. But a time is coming (well it might be coming) and the hour of my vengance will sound.

Anonymous said...

Today's leftists are not even "left"; they are simply a bunch of hysterical Christian moderates who ostensibly reject Christian beliefs while maintaining Christian self-righteousness and sanctimoniousness. Social Justice Warriors are the modern-day incarnation of Anthony Comstock and his ultra-puritanical goon squad, and Carrie Nation's bottle-smashing bunch. They are nothing new.