Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Independent Artist

van gogh painter on road to tarascon

Among the many crimes of the Nazis against mankind was the destruction of Vincent van Gogh’s most poignant paintings, “The Painter on the Road to Tarascon.” Few works of art so well convey the determination of the independent artist who follows, against all obstacles and hardships, a unique vision.

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FDW said...

So true ... back in Philly with very lil' work as it has been masonry and not the weathe... but after being thrown of the freak house on Pine street seems that I was found to be a lil off the towed line after thwarting an armed--- according to the thug goon-- for forced entry,home breakin attempt in the course of initially being sprayed in the eyes point blank and then after tussling with the cocksucker and strong arming him back outside and calling for help getting hard punched repeatedly in the left side of the head and having my eyeball scratched thereby to boot, sent to the hospital,etc. ... Im homeless and crashing in an unfinished basement at 40th and Baring... any way glad to see yr still up to continuing ATDP!