Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Let's Be Real


Let's get real for a minute. Revolutionaries aren't carefully selected Ivy League university students paying $87,000 a year to attend schools whose purpose is to place those students into the highest echelons of the power structure of the United States, whether in government, law, or business. The System will be threatened when no one plays that game, falls for that scam, the prestigious halls and campus lawns emptied.

Let's get real. Anti-capitalists aren't those obtaining higher wages and better benefits for workers at giant factories-- as laudable as that fight is-- because it ties those workers even tighter to that version of the capitalist Machine. Ensures they continue working-- get that thirty or forty-year pin doing the same unfulfilling job year after year. Yes, it beats starving. Maybe. If you're dependent, you may as well live well-- but let's recognize what's happening.

Let's get real. Being against AI technology doesn't mean arguing against the latest toy produced by the tech boys-- their latest iteration-- when you've accepted everything else. It doesn't mean thinking you can somehow reform the system-- just get the right hyper-aggressive tech hustler in place, the one assuring you everything will this time be ethical. Of course it will! He said so, didn't he?

Let's get real. The only way to fight the hyper-tech system monitoring us, steering us, controlling every aspect of our lives, is to do as little as possible to sustain it. (I recognize I'm helping sustain it with this blog post.) It's to understand the electronic technology scam with all its unfulfilled promises began with the advent of television in the late 1940's as a vehicle for ads. Our minds have been bombarded with propaganda, salesmanship, broken promises and nonsense ever since.

The only alternative-- if we truly want one-- is to create an authentic counterculture, starting small-scale indie art or craft projects, or back-to-the-land farming, or something. Ways to sustain ourselves while disconnecting step-by-step from the totalitarian grid. Can this happen? Sure.

Will it?

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