Thursday, August 19, 2004

Building the ULA

Two things in particular have held the movement back.

1.) The unwillingness of many writers to merge the bourgeois personality with the interests of the group. While we want writers to promote themselves, we need them to do this within the framework of the group-- to always push the ULA along with themselves. Many writers we've encountered, to be less polite about the matter, turned out to be self-serving opportunists.

2.) A lack of total commitment to the project. Any revolutionary group, even a peaceful one such as ours, needs something of the kind of fervor and dedication outlined by the Russian anarchist Nechayev in his tracts-- single-minded purpose. Part of the reason for this is that many ULAers and non-ULAers simply lack the proper vision; the ability to see what is not there now, but what could be in the future. It's a failure to fully believe. History demonstrates that simply BELIEVING you can accomplish a feat is a major part of the fight.

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