Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Conservative Radio

Checking what's happening at the conservative end of the dial, here's the list of Best and Worst conservative radio talk show hosts, in order:

1.) Sean Hannity.
One-sided attack dog is a likeable true believer.

2.) William Bennett.
Low-key pomposity easy to take.

3.) Hugh Hewitt.
Partisan stooge has interesting guests.

4.) Rush Limbaugh.
More tongue-in-cheek than people believe.

5.) Michael Savage.
One-note egotist is sometimes entertaining.

6.) Dennis Prager.
Infatuated with his own brain.

7.) Mike Gallagher.
Bandwagon-jumping Rush imitator.

8.) Bill O'Reilly.
Blustery blowhard.

9.) Laura Ingraham.
Airhead surrounded by sycophants.

10.) Michael Medved.
A wimpy bully?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You should have a radio show, Mr. Wenclas. You are a master rhetorician just like your list.

Bill Walton