Thursday, January 11, 2007

Meet the ULA


Next Tuesday, January 16th, members of the Underground Literary Alliance will be in Manhattan, at various locations.

During the day we'll have our zeen table set up outside several major literary establishment power centers. We'll pass out flyers, sell books, and do impromptu poetry readings. We may have lunch at a writer hangout like Langan's, if it's not too pricey; or Sardi's, if that's better. (Suggestions welcomed.)

By early evening we plan to be centered at a saloon on the lower east side-- possibly DBA's, which I'm told is a literary watering hole. Everyone and anyone will be welcome to meet us and speak with us about literature. We may even buy your first beer. If anyone knows an open mic we'd be welcome at, let me know.

Scheduled to accompany me on the visit are three of the ULA's most interesting and hyperbolic personalities:
-New ULA Director Patrick King.
-ULA poet Frank Walsh.
-Eric "Jellyboy the Clown" Broomfield, who caused an uproar last spring at Columbia's Miller Hall.

If you see us, say hi, pelt us with potato salad, buy a zeen, denounce us to the world, or whatever you feel is appropriate.

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